Working with Team Wild Orchid

Planning your wedding can either be one of the most stressful events to deal with or you can chose to enjoy the planning rather than tearing your hair out.  Working with your wedding florist should be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your day.  I know Im bias but I believe your wedding flowers should be one of your top four......1)  Groom  2)  Dress  3)  Venue  4)  Flowers.  


Regardless of how small or how large your wedding flower budget is, flowers do really need to play an important role on your day.  Lets be realistic, flowers are a tremendous vision of beauty.  They can create additional warmth, romance, tears and precious memories.  You want to be working with a florist who is as passionate about their creativeness with flowers as you are in how you dream and expect your special day to be.  Butterflies in your stomach, excitement and happiness.  I can tell you now, expect all those elements when you work with us.


We are a small team of experienced and creative florists with over 55 years of combined floristry experience.  Wild Orchid was established in 2003, having built up a strong and reputable company whom you can trust.  We are honest, hardworking and passionate about our role as florists and will help and advise you to the best we can.  You can meet us online at Wild Orchid.  We are also recommended suppliers for English Heritage Wrest Park and The Woburn Abbey Sculpture Gallery.


The first stage of your planning is to meet with Lorraine or Tracy to discuss your requirements and ideas.  Look at albums of our previous work, let us know what you like and don't like, letting us understand how you envisage your flowers to be.  Once you have decided to work with us, we can then start to plan.  We also provide a sample guest table centrepiece so you can get a better understanding of what it looks like in reality rather on paper and we can also meet in the lead up to your wedding date should you require this or even a venue visit can be made.  Throughout your planning, we will be sourcing vases or props that are required for your day.  A final meeting approximately 2-4 weeks before wedding date will be held to run through logistics and final numbers.


On the day, our team will deliver to you all you bridal flowers, set up all the ceremony and venue flowers as requested ensuring all vases are clean, crisp and set out how we discussed.  We then usually step back, smile and take a deep breath, possible shed some tears too !


You will not be disappointed.  We are here to make every day beautiful with flowers, but will definitely make your day extra special x  Contact us today to begin your flowery journey x




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